Your perfect bathroom awaits

Why make a straight choice between functionality and stylishness when having your existing bathroom redesigned when you can have both courtesy of Granite Transformations Gyle. We have managed to combine elegance and practicality in each and every product within our impressive range. We only need one day to modernise your bathroom too.

Whether you have a firm idea of what you want or you’re seeking inspiration from an experienced team, Granite Transformations Gyle will have the products and knowledge needed. A visit to our showroom is a necessity if you want to see first-hand how magnificent our products are.

  • Win the fight against water

    It is inevitable that the work surfaces within your bathroom will come into contact with water at certain times. So that no amount of water disturbs the performance of our work surfaces, they’re all completely water-resistant.

  • Colours to suit everyone

    What captures the eye most when you spot a work surface? Usually the finish, so it pays to choose a colour that you know will make a big splash on people. We have the broadest colour palette imaginable.

  • There’s a host of skill on show

    Our designers are amazingly clever, as are the various processes we use to create our products. We know how quickly bathroom trends change and respond accordingly by fashioning solutions that will make your bathroom a dream setting that forever looks the business. If you have certain requirements in mind, you are encouraged to tell us about them as we’re always happy to create custom-built products for those who have their mind set on a particular style or shape.