There’s nothing we can’t do in your kitchen

Even those with the most discernible tastes have been left blown away by how impressively Granite Transformations Gyle has transformed their kitchen. We have made householders incredibly proud of their kitchen spaces once again.

You need to remind yourself that home buyers expect to see a kitchen space that’s fashionable and functional. Ensuring your kitchen is on trend will give it widespread appeal and increase the value of your home.

Don’t be afraid to ask our kitchen designers for any hints or tips as they know what’s in and what’s out like no-one else. They will point you in the direction of products such as our sparkling glass mosaic tiles which will add vibrancy to any kitchen in the world.

  • Make your kitchen edgy in design

    We have purposely kept our worktops slender so that they can easily be slotted onto your current units. But please note that it is possible to have thicker worktops when necessary and subtle edges added to the design to make it that bit more distinctive.

  • Amazingly light in weight

    Why are your worktops so light? It’s a question that we’re regularly asked by customers and we respond by telling them it’s so that we can apply the top on any existing unit with minimal effort and in quick time. It also ensures that the existing unit is capable of withstanding the weight of the new worktop.

    Some kitchen companies will take their time putting your new worktops in place, but we don’t want to cause you inconvenience. Most projects are completed within a day, so it’ll almost feel as though we’ve never been in your house, that’s until you see how much your kitchen has dramatically changed.

  • The best performance guaranteed

    Customers are always reassured of the quality of our products when we hand over our Lifetime Limited Warranty. How are we so confident? Every single worktop includes a high grade polyester that gives it a toughness and resilience unlike most rival worktops. Without the high grade polyester, the performance of our worktops wouldn’t be what it is.